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Yacht Racing and Navigation

  • Yacht racing navigation is not about knowing where you are, but using all available tools to develop strategy and manage risk to get where you want to go as fast and as efficiently as possible.

  • Campbell is a specialist grand prix racing navigator with vast experience across yachts, teams and locations that will enhance performance at any level.

Performance data analysis

  • Using the most powerful tools available - KND - we can data mine, analyse and report on your real sailing data to:

    • Refine calibration for quality instrument data on deck

    • Qualify actual logged data and develop your 'feeling' for your yacht

    • Refine polars

    • Deepen your understanding of your yachts performance & refine setup


  • Instruments don't lie to you, they simply deliver bad information if they are not set up accurately

  • If poorly set up, instrument output is misleading leading to poor decision making and OTW frustration

  • Campbell help and guide you, but most importantly work with your team to understand what your system is capable of and techniques to get the best out of what you have.

  • From sailing with you to improve your systems performance and calibrations to analysis of your logged data files using the most powerful tools available

Weather Routing

  • Using some very powerful tools and highly refined weather and current models, we can:

    • Develop a passage plan for a safe and comfortable voyage, including fuel consumption estimates

    • Study in depth historic weather and advanced weather and current modelling to develop a race strategy

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