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We offer coaching tailored to your needs, whether it is the first step getting started or to become proficient with more advanced tools for sailing navigation planning and execution.

Our approach is to keep it simple and focus on the big picture. Too often we see users falling down the rabbit hole, becoming overwhelmed with loads of functionality then ultimately getting frustrated.


Working together we can work on the fundamentals and develop skills, not to demonstrate system capabilities. We coach to help solve problems, refine polars and calibration, to ultimately make better decisions on the water.


Training is using Expedition Navigation Software and Sailing Performance. We also have in depth knowledge of most common integrated instrumentation systems including A+T, B&G, NKE and related sensors and accessories.

  • Improve on existing and learn new skills

  • Get over the 'hump' in the learning curve with new systems

  • Explore and demystify advanced features

  • Develop techniques in:

    • pre race planning

    • in race strategy management

    • instrument calibration

    • polar development

    • performance analysis

    • system troubleshooting

Please email us directly if you wish to know more about what we can offer, or book a session below.

  • Purchases of Expedition Navigation Software directly from Field Yachting qualify for one hours free online tuition to help fast track your Expedition setup. This must be used within 30 days of purchase.​​

  • It is not essential, but helpful if your navigation computer is connected to the instrument system as well as the internet. We have successfully completed sessions with just using WhatsApp video of the laptop screen, it just makes it a bit less efficient...

"However much you use Expedition, Campbell's online courses takes one's knowledge of the program's capabilities to a new level."

"Having Campbell on board online is like having a Triple A Navigator / Technician available and still sailing double handed"

"As this was a training project and not a simple demonstration of the software, we immediately booked a second session with Campbell which we combined with the notes, links and recordings provided to help us become proficient in the use of the programme. While Expedition is a sophisticate navigation system, Campbell has helped other Irish Sailors with instrument selection and configuration thus avoiding potentially costly mistakes. If you are serious about navigation - probably the most important aspect of sailing – it is always worth getting the best possible professional advice. We are glad we did."

“Campbell provides a valuable service in making assessable to the average sailor the benefits of Expedition, which otherwise might prove daunting. In addition his Fastnet preparation webinar series is highly recommended as a thought provoking primer.”

"A great combination of patience and deep knowledge, Campbells questions and insights accelerated my skill build"

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