Expedition - Polars, Sail XO, Calibration and Stripchart

Hosted by Campbell Field.

This will cover:

  • Polars and Sail Cross Over Charts

    • Review of sources, accuracy, development and use

    • Configuring and loading

    • Review of how to use effectively and adjust to suit events/conditions etc

    • Editing tools

  • Calibration

    • Review of calibration and how it is important to model your boat calibration carefully

    • Basic principles of calibration (BSP, HDG, MWA, MWS, TWA, TWS, Leeway, Heel, Trim)

    • How to identify calibration errors​​​

  •  Stripchart

    • Set up and configure for effective use​

    • Performance monitoring, capturing data to modify polars and Sail XO

    • Calibration monitoring tools and techniques

Although not essential, having a copy of Expedition installed on your system will give you the chance to try some of the features we will cover in the Webinars.

  • If you do not have a copy installed, please download a copy HERE.

  • Once run for the first time, Expedition will request that a license is installed.

  • You may run Expedition without a license in demo mode however you will not be able to run Optimal routes.

  • You may request a key that will unlock all the features for a specific time period. Please follow the prompts in the software to have a license generated.

  • A special offer of a demo version that will run for 6 weeks is available - please reference "FIELD YACHTING WEBINAR" in your license request

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